Friday, January 22, 2010

Marketing Flyer for Small Business

This marketing flyer / letter is from a real person providing personal and concierge services.  If you live in the Chicago area - Jody's contact information is at the bottom.  It is also a classic example of marketing ones product and/or services.

   Your Left Hand
There are times in everyone’s life when it is just impossible to get everything completed on your or your family members ‘ 
“To-Do List”.  Let me help make your day more enjoyable and manageable by offering my Personal Assistant/Concierge Services providing the following services:

Grocery shopping, personal shopper and gift shopping
Organize your household, office, closets, personal needs, or just help  dispose of unnecessary items in your home
Run errands, banking deposits, pharmacy, library, video store, dry cleaners, or  
Post Office to name a few
          Make doctors’ appointments
                Pay bills and file and track insurance claim forms
Personal and Business correspondence including tracking special occasions and sending cards out
          Locate qualified repairmen and services
 Wait for installers and deliveries
          Make travel arrangements, assist with parties and help plan events
         Holiday planning, gift wrapping and delivery
Any other services that may be desired
I am committed to assisting you in an efficient manner so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Jody Nesva,

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  1. Jody:
    Best of luck with your business. I hope it is very successfuly for you. I would like to suggest that the none standard text justification used in your marketing piece does make it much more difficult to read. I assume your intent is to attract attention to the piece. Might I suggest a graphic or perhaps a hint of color to accomplish the same end? Could you share with us some ideas on where you distribute your flyer?