Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New blog layout

You've probably noticed the change in the format of this blog.  Basically, I thought the pages were too cluttered with ads and the content was lost in the mix.  This page is intended for you - not for making money via Google or Yahoo.  Those are only tests to see if money can really be made via affiliate referral and Adsense (more on this in another post).

We've been quite pleased with the number of visitors to our blog - several hundred unique over the past 30 days - without a press release of any kind.  Simply using Twitter and providing solid content has generated a good following; for that, we thank you very much.

Of course, this site is a community oriented site and we want to hear your opinions and get your feedback on our blog, web site - www.the-small-biz-pro.com - content, layout or anything you wish to comment on.

We will continue to provide you the best information we can find (or links to) so you can go about the business of running your business!  We'll provide the background stuff for you to use - we want to make you successful.

To your success!

- AJ

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