Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twitter Stats

Shame on me for this - I inadvertently left out our Twitter statistics in the web site update post.

We can also report a fairly successful foray into Twitterdom.  Considering none of the group's four partners had any experience with Twitter prior to its launch in late October or early November, we are very pleased that we've gained 850 followers or so as of November 30.  Talk about the blind leading the deaf and mute, that's us for sure.  Much time has been spent learning the ins and outs of Twit-speak and forming relationships.  For those of you that spent time on our site, we thank you and look forward to a strong future together.  And for the newbies, we welcome you with open arms and ears.  We want to provide what information and services we can to make your lives easier.  Just ask and we'll do the homework for you.

Thanks again and warmest wishes for this Holiday season!!!

- AJ


  1. Not the humor, sure need it in this economy.

  2. AJ - 850 followers, pretty good. Did you use automated methods? Can you share specifically how you accomplished this?

  3. Sorry for the tardiness of this reply. No, I do not use automated methods at all. I manually enter all of my Tweets and try at various points throughout the day.