Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zoho Productivity & Collaboration Applications

"Zoho is a suite of online applications (services) that you sign up for and access from our Website. The applications are free for individuals and some have a subscription fee for organizations." (

Aside from the free versions offered to individual users, Zoho offers a wide variety of online applications for individuals and business users.  The online nature of Zoho allows users to access their Zoho data from any computer in any location (provided an Internet connection exists) at any time.  No more carrying laptops around, worry about airport security, theft, or when the company tech will fix your computer.

Zoho offers a full range of standard office software, productivity, and collaboration tools: e-mail, word processor, spreadsheets, database, conferencing, project software, invoicing, and much more.  Zoho even offers shared calendaring, a BI (business intelligence) service, and online HRIS system!

For those that need or want to continue to use Microsoft Office products, Zoho offers a "plug-in" (small application by download) for any of the programs in the Office suite.  Further, Zoho supports all the standard office formats including .doc, .xls, and .ppt as part of its offering.  Zoho is also available for many mobile devices and up to 30 languages, depending on the application.

Regarding security, Zoho boasts of multi-level protection from disaster-rated data centers to biometric access for its employees, multiple firewalls and anti-malware scanners running 24x7.  Product support is available via blog, user forum or 24x7 monitored email.

Zoho's pricing structure is built on per application, volume, and complexity model.  The individual packages - all of the offerings - are always free, and the business packages cost $5 a month per user starting with the 11th user.  The first 10 users are free.  Package discounts may be available for larger groups and for non-profit organizations.

With a professional and user-friendly interface, Zoho's WYSIWYG products are convenient, affordable, and everything a small business needs to get up and running quickly.  This product is recommended and worth a look or test trial.

Create & Collaborate with Zoho

-  AJ

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