Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Future Plans for Thesmallbizpro

Last night we had a monthly team meeting to discuss our situation.  As always, we are believers in transparency and I will relate some of our discussion in this blog.  We learn as we go along and try to pass that knowledge along to those inclined to pursue their own business interests.

Snickers bars seem to be preferred over Milky way, but M&M's top them all. (Bmac brought leftover Halloween candy).

Water is the preferred beverage in the evening - used to be Jack Daniels - guess we're getting old, but that's another blog...

We reviewed analytic reports for the sites and were quite pleased to see that for the 10 days this blog has been up, we've hit almost 100 visitors and stay for about 7 minutes.  Something in the range of 400 page views.  Pretty darn good, we think, and we thank all our visitors for dropping by, commenting, and reviewing our content.  We want to be a go-to source for you - tell us what you need.  We are quite pleased by the response from the Twitter community.  In a little over 3 weeks, we've built a following of over 800, received valuable feedback, and established ongoing relationships with several.  Thank you.

We are going to re-work our primary web site - - to make it more content rich, easier to navigate, and improve the user friendliness.  We also want to include a forum that is easier to deal with than the one provided by Website Tonight.  The product is fine for those interested in an inexpensive, robust, and low-cost way to run a web business.  We want and need more and still use GoDaddy - their support and stability is outstanding - but instead create our own web pages without using GoDaddy templates.  Expect this effort to take a few months; in the interim, will remain up and running with minor changes and added content.

We want to create a true forum for the small business community.  A place where all can weigh in on topics, provide suggestions, ask questions, or muse on a subject.  We strongly reiterate our basic mission: Shared Vision - Shared Resources - Shared Success.  The true strength, success, and future of small business involves many components and moving parts.  Our goal is to help that effort.

Also discussed was the need to link to other sites to increase visibility and traffic to our site.  This is part of the search engine optimization effort (SEO).  We intend to conduct interviews with various local small business owners and ask their opinions about running successful operations.  We hope to have others from all over (via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) contribute to the effort - if interested, please email us at

Finally, as always, we greatly appreciate your continued support and visitation.  Thesmallbizpro looks forward to providing answers to your questions, writing (or referring to) useful content, and helping you learn as we do.

Best wishes to you all,

- AJ, Caspar, Bmac & Molly


  1. I look forward to reading the interviews and perhaps hearing how other business owners are dealing with this economy.

  2. We already have a couple planned and content should be posted within the next week or two.

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