Monday, November 9, 2009

Something new - Amazon affiliate marketing

As I've said many times, we at thesmallbizpro believe that the best way for us to produce honest, valuable content is to try things ourselves, do our own research, and write about the experience.  Sometimes those will involve lessons learned the hard way, other times some may be put off by our content.  We accept and embrace that responsibility for our readers.

Another part of our goal is to offer transparency - we tell you the reasons behind certain decisions.  Today's news is the addition of Amazon affiliate marketing.  Simply, we want to test the affiliate marketing craze and determine if value exists for small business.  Similar to a prior post on get rich quick schemes with Google-mania, many sites claim to provide quick and easy money from affiliate marketing.  We can hardly state an opinion without trying this out for ourselves.

We will keep this Amazon link at least through the rest of the year and report results as they become available.  No promises of get rich quick schemes - much like Adsense, there are multiple factors involved, including the number of visitors to our blog, volume of buyers of featured products, commission rates, etc.  While we can't guarantee grand results, we can commit to providing you honest reports on our experiences.

As always, this experiment is simply that - our experience and our interpretation of the data.  We advise each of you to perform your own research and weigh the factors of advertising on a page vs. a clean look.  In the interim, we will continue to provide you with valuable content and ask for any feedback, positive or negative.  This blog and our home site - - are as much yours as ours.

- AJ

ps: Take a look at the deals Amazon is offering - Christmas is 6 weeks or so away - you may find something good!

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