Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Work from Home?

Many businesses can be launched from home or performed remotely instead of in an office.  Ideas include freelance writing, website programming, crafting, mid-level-marketing (MLM), consulting, and many others.

So why start a home-based business?  Here are several reasons and justifications:

1) Freedom and choice - for night owls, early risers or those who prefer casual dress for comfort and productivity.

2) Cost - no rent for office space, no fuel costs, and lower vehicle expenses.  Use the savings for other expenses such as marketing or investing in new products.

3) Domestic reasons - be home for the plumber, a sick kid, older parents or a spouse with medical issues.  Use local organizations such as churches and coffee shops to network and meet.  Be available to coach your son's baseball team or attend your daughter's dance recital.

4) Workforce - build a virtual business team using the Internet and social networks.  Hire marketing experts, web designers, accountants, and other professionals as contractors not staff.

5) Technology - use DSL, cable or satellite for Internet connection.  Most of these services are less than $50 a month and many are bundled with phone and television.  Look for deals online for computers and any software needed.  Use Webex, Skype or Yahoo for tele-conferencing.

6) Be Green - less driving means less air pollution.  No heating or cooling an office saves energy. 

7) Health - less physical contact with an office staff means a lower chance of catching the office flu.  No drive to work, stress from a crazed boss or impossible deadline improves general health.

8) Taxes - a home business can mean savings on taxes by taking advantage of allowed IRS deductions. 

One important thing to remember: keep home time/space and work time/space separate and distinct.  Set up a space that is comfortable and everything is located in easy to reach locations.

- AJ

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