Thursday, October 22, 2009

50 Best Cities to Launch a Business

I read an interesting article today about the best cities to launch a small business. Jointly researched by Fortune Small Business and the Kauffman Foundation, factors including growing economies, stable housing markets, low crime, and inexpensive labor were considered.

The top 10 cities listed were: Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Houston, Hartford, CT, Washington DC, Charlotte, Austin, New York City, and Baltimore.

Glancing over the imbedded map on this web site - - one can immediately see a bias toward the central south and north eastern areas of the country. Notable exclusions from the list included the west coast states (CA, WA, OR, NV) and population growth states such as Arizona and Florida.

The 'rust best' states fared poorly as well with no cities mentioned in Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio. Illinois had only Peoria and Wisconsin landed only Madison in the top 50. Colorado, Georgia and Idaho had no cities in the top 50.

Small business launches tend to be cyclical along with housing costs, population growth and crime rates. If one is considering jumping into the small business arena, research is key to understanding where a target market exists and is trending upward.

Food for thought...


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