Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sites on Branding, Marketing & Technology

We are constantly blasted with emails, instant messages, blogs, tweets, etc. promising quick money using various (and often questionable) schemes. I decided to do a little research and ran across the following articles that look a little more helpful and promising:

The first is an intelligent and well-received blog by Chris Brogan about 'Community and Social Media'. I suggest this is a good primer for those interested in the social networking phenom and what it entails. "What Human Business And the Social Web Are About" -

Another solid blog in a similar vein is Seth Godin's blog covering marketing, branding, networking and technology. His sage advice is well worth reading here:

A third site that fully covers small business issues is from - a not-for-profit group that assists would-be entrepreneurs with advice and basic templates. The main site is located at: and well worth checking out.

While none of these are get-rich quick sites with formulas for instant success, they each provide sound fundamental advice that will help in the shorter term and longer term.

- A.J.

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