Saturday, October 24, 2009

We made the switch

We've been debating whether to stay with GoDaddy's free blogcast (comes with the web hosting package) or move to another. The fact that you are now looking at Google's blogger ought to clue you in on the final decision.

Our reasons were simple: ease of administration, available features, opportunity for increased visitation, and subsequent revenue. All these taken into consideration, the move was a no-brainer.

GoDaddy is a fine product and certainly the paid version is likely better than the free, but for our purposes - and also as a consideration for our guests - the move to this provider is a major improvement. It's also free and can host advertising, etc. A future post will address that issue.

When choosing your hosting provider - web, blog or otherwise - you may need to try several before you settle on a winner. We may move again in the future as we grow, to be determined. In any case, keep this in mind:

- Don't commit to a long-term contract when starting
- How easy is the site to administer?
- Does it have desired features including links to Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites?
- How much does it cost?
- Can or will it host advertising, a potential source of revenue?
- What about pictures, videos, blogcasts, etc?

If your blog and/or web site is key to your business, be sure that the host has the features you NEED at the right PRICE.

- A.J.

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