Monday, October 26, 2009

Why the advertising and blog feeds?

Maintaining a web site, blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts costs time and money. Since we are a free informational site, we'd like to make up some of the costs by using web site advertising. Google adsense is fairly easy to implement and seemed a logical path to recover at least a portion of the costs.

And about the blog feeds? Aren't you providing information from competitors?

In our view, information, opinion, and expertise is key. As we mention on our web site, - we are not experts in any area. And, since we are not a business, per se, we can't have competition! Yes, we have experience and a level of training in certain areas, however this does not qualify us to provide a cookie-cutter approach to all. We firmly believe in our mantra: Shared Vision - Shared Resources - Shared Success.

Everyone benefits by contributions from those experienced in various areas such as accounting, marketing, legal, etc. We feel we'd be doing the small business community and especially our guests a disservice by not openly inviting others to contribute.

This is a blog conceived to benefit all who visit. If another blogger has a differing or better idea, great. Feel free to slice and dice our take on life, the universe, and everything.

Best wishes and good karma to all!

- A.J.

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