Friday, October 23, 2009

Poll: Preferred Accounting Software

We are curious - which is your preferred accounting software?


  1. I think Peachtree is a better product than Quickbooks but it comes down to what product you or your employee(s) know how to use and what products your accountant supports. Quickbooks has a much bigger resource base from what I've run into. If you have an employee that uses the software, how easy are they to replace if they move on to another job. Get backlogged on your accounting and trouble is just around the corner. Also, critical are the end of month and year end reports... garbage in garbage out. Here is where a great accountant comes into play. A great accountant will sit down with you or your employee and help you get the system setup correctly, show you how to enter the data, and explain how to run the reports that he/she is going to need to get your taxes done. They will also audit upon request to make sure you didn't screw up along the way. If your account won't help you do that...find a new accountant.

  2. Don't you feel that features and cost a factor too? Granted, an accountant's preference and experience is important, but not at added expense or ease of use...