Friday, October 23, 2009

In search of ...

At the-small-biz-pro, we started with an idea of transparency for everything we do and why we do it. This journey and each step has been related to you at our web site - - in the 'Our Story' section. We believe that sharing and collaborating is the best path to success and will continue this idea.

Next up, we've decided that we need a logo that puts our brand into visual form. The question is how to develop one? None of the 4 of us are astute at graphic arts or visual presentation - we are business people, techies, and customer service folks.

We can do a logo of stick figures or modify an existing one - but that isn't the same, is it?

Yes, we know many marketing folks, and many others exist online that can be contacted, but we don't wish to spend big $$ on developing this. We also think knowing a resource that can develop a logo using our tag line - Shared Vision. Shared Resources. Shared Success - is a valuable commodity for the business community.

We have a few artistically talented friends & associates we're going to ask first; if they can put a visual form to our ideas, we'll be happy to put a plug in for them and share contact information with you.

More on this process as it develops...

- A.J.

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