Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Job Transition Journey

I was a Business Analyst my entire career until being laid off in January 2009. I had an interest in this career but did not have a passion. As I began a job search, I was encouraged to identify skills that would enable me to have a second career or be an entrepreneur. When originally thinking of these skills, I thought only of my long time Business Analyst skills and possibly marketing these skills as a consultant. I began a usual job search to continue my Business Analyst career with no responses after months of online application submissions. I also attended networking meetings, workshops, programs and seminars offered by the Arlington Heights Library, St Hubert’s Unemployed Ministry, Harper college, and IDES. Through these activities I began to expand my skill identification beyond traditional business skills to my passions. I have always been a life long volunteer as a Christian care/support giver, learner, and led an active/fit lifestyle. Could pursuing these passions empower me to reinvent myself and transition to a second career?

The question was answered with the assistance of a Harper College Career Stimulus program Career coach. During our meetings we identified these possible passion careers; college adjunct teacher, in home care companion (non medical), and personal trainer. We also defined a job search for each of these careers. I have been active in each search and through networking landed a part time job as an in home care companion. Because I have a passion for the job I now go to work excited and leave fulfilled. Also I am now considering blending two part time jobs I am passionate about in lieu of full time employment.


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